Utah Share currently has patterns and tutorials for the following items:


Utah Share loves to receive donations of blankets and clothing for the precious babies we dress. Over the years, we have used a wide variety of gowns and have found that some work better than others. Our goal is to provide you with simple patterns and detailed tutorials to walk you throught the process of making what will be one of the only articles of clothing these babies will wear.

Please read through the Helpful Hints section before getting started. There you will find advice on choosing your fabric, how to embellish and finish off your items, and what to include if you choose to make complete packets.

When your items are finished and ready for donation, please contact a member of the Utah Share Volunteer Board at

Gray Line

There are many other patterns available for bereavement use that we welcome donations of as well. Please follow the same guidelines listed in the Helpful Hints section of the website to ensure that the clothing we have to dress our angels in is appropriate.